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Debt Collection - National & International

About our Debt Collection Services

In-house debt collection efforts are usually cost intensive and are successful only in a few cases. In addition it also adds workload to your internal accounting function, which at some point may become overwhelmed with the volume or complexity of collection of receivables. Covering potential credit losses while increasing the price of goods or services may be the answer, however this indirectly affect your market opportunities due to necessary price increases and in effect, it leads to competitive disadvantages.

A judicial debt collection is expensive and often ends with a termination of the business relationship with existing customers.

Thus using a non-judicial collection process performed by a THIRD PARTY is an attractive alternative.

It effectively relieves you and your accounting function from debt collection efforts, while avoiding time and personnel expenses, loss of interest, liquidity constraints and debt losses. Additionally, using the third party debt collection service eliminates conflict between a defaulting customers and your company, and eliminates negative market perception of your company.

By commissioning us, you offer your customers first class extra-judicial and NEUTRAL liquidators of the claim, rather than directly confronting them with a judicial proceeding. In this sense, we see ourselves as a facilitator between you and your customers.

Our goal is to recover your claim in a timely and cost-effective way with the necessary professionalism. Your claim cases will have moderate and customer friendly proceedings, while achieving a consistent recovery results.

We focus primarily on transactions in the international trade of goods and use excellent network across Europe and other regions.