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Factoring Invoice Discount

Invoice Discount

Rialto Finance Invoice Discount

With this solution you can use our financing and risk coverage, without handing over your account receivable management to a third party. The entire accounts receivable management will continue to be led by you, from invoicing through to the reminder.

You will get the usual refinancing for your invoice dates up to the agreed amount and within agreed limits and thus reduce the stress on your overdraft loan. You perform fiduciary accounts receivable management and tell us when we should also make the cash available.

Please imagine that your invoices have been paid three days after due date or date of issuance. This is our understanding of " optimal financing" and we got your solution on our fingertips.

We also may agree to a choice of whether to accept the trade credit risk (default risk) or not.

We provide Invoice Discount from an annual turnover of € 2,000,000 in simplified structures already, whereas our focus is on companies with 2 million to 5 million euros. In-house Factoring for companies is possible from an annual turnover of 10 million euros .

Quotation Factoring & Invoice Discount